Electronic Home Concepts uses the latest design and management software to improve not only the electronic design of the project but also work flow and efficiency of the project. D-Tools coordinates data provided by the manufacturer to aid in the design of cabinets, wall units, floor design and scale spaces for proper TV, projector, and screen sizes. Locating speakers, control stations, switches, security devices into a cohesive construction plan for all sub-contractors timeline.
      Working with the team of homeowner, designer, contractor, EHC will design, install and program the system or systems that best fit your project. Whether its a whole home controller or individual app based products; we will show you the solutions that are available and what will integrate into you home or business.
Security & Surveillance
Home Media &
Lighting & Shading
     Whether its protecting your life and property or if you want to know when the kids come home from school, today's security systems are more intelligent than ever before. Monitoring smoke and fire alarms, interior and exterior motion, door and window openings, glass break sensors, temperature alarms and water sensors are all part of a complete security system. Improving your safety and escape time, calling a central station, neighbors, family members, or police and fire. Basic Security systems typically include monitoring the status of doors and windows and motion detection in the house when away or when family members are asleep. The ability to arm and disarm the system in home and away modes tell the system what to look for and how to handle the many different types of information that the system is monitoring.
      Integrated systems use the advanced alarm system as its back bone, but now also includes the ability to communicate with other systems; turning on lights for escape route in case of fire. Turning on lights at night or when a vehicle drives up. Turning down or off the air conditioning when not at home. Alerting the sprinkler system of rain and not to bother watering the lawn.
     A home would not be complete with convenient ways to play your favorite music, movies, TV shows or sporting events. Route music and video through the home, stream music and video from your favorite sources like Itunes, Netflix, Pandora, Amazon Prime, Hulu, or other services to any room in your home. Control source and volume from wall controls, your tablet or phone.
     Lighting and dimming not only saves money, but creates inviting and comfortable spaces. Using lights and heat/cooling when a room is occupied is only part of an energy savings plan. Capturing and controlling natural light and heat can make rooms more energy effcient and comfortable to occupy. Create warm friendly environments for relaxing or entertaining by integrating temperature control, lighting levels, and natural light control with shading solutions. Saving presets, by schedule, occupancy, or energy savings mode for even greater savings and comfort.

Electronic Home Concepts