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Home Networks and Wireless Network

     Almost all new electronics are connected to the internet or the internal local network. Having a high speed connection and reliability is just as important at home. Retrieving personnel or business email, kids homework, shared printing, streaming music, videos, surfing the web on your computer, tablet or phone all require stable wifi and network connections.
High quality switching equipment for residential and light commercial purposes built for the robust needs of high speeds and continuous use. For streaming and high reliability needs of voip and surveillance.
The XAP-1500 provides exceptional Wi-Fi performance in a sleek design that allows for unobtrusive mounting on a ceiling, wall, or other flat surface. Combining high output power with leading-edge concurrent dual-band 3×3 MIMO technologies, it delivers superior wireless coverage and maximum data rates.
Designed specifically for integrators, the XWC-1000 provides simple and time-saving multi-AP wireless network setup, while solving client roaming issues using Luxul’s exclusive Roam Assist™ technology. With seamless roaming, installation simplicity and sensible pricing, the XWC-1000 meets the needs of the residential and light commercial custom installation community.
Seamless incorporation into both home and lifestyle is the cornerstone of our design and installation efforts.