Power Management and Protection

     Extend the life and protect your investment in your electronics as well as data stored on them. Protection from surges, outages, and low power levels protects the transformers that power the equipment and allows devices on the uninterruptible power supplies to properly shut down in case of power failure.
Uninterruptible Power
Panamax’s MR Family of products offers several layers of surge protection. Panamax’s patented Automatic Voltage Monitoring (AVM) technology continuously monitors the incoming power. In case of an undervoltage or brownout (too little electricity) or an overvoltage (too much electricity) a flashing red lightning bolt will be displayed and power to the equipment is automatically turned off. When voltage returns to a safe level, power to the equipment is automatically reconnected.
MB1500 prevents critical equipment from losing setup configuration, stored data and hard-disk crashes. Shuts off projection equipment via IR control to allow the projector bulbs to go through a proper cool-down cycle before shutting off.
Cloud based monitoring and control
Manage products remotely
Reset or reboot devices for IP
management manually, schedule, or automatically if device loses connection.